The smartest way to plan your job flow™


Smart, clear and
intuitive .

"EnoPlan has given us complete control right across our production process.

It's tailored to all the complexities of our business but it's still really easy to use." -

Matthew Lloyd, Head of Production, Design & Display Ltd


Intuitive Interface
Clear and professional interface using machine-orientated Gantt charts
Colour-coded Appearance
Tasks which may miss deadlines are clearly indicated
Intelligent Job Creation
Automatic calculation of process duration, including time per unit dependent on the total quantity required
Customisable Templates
Customisable templates enabling simple creation of complex jobs
Accounts Software Plug-in
Advanced plug-in architecture to allow easy integration with accounting packages and existing ERP/MRP systems
Set Resource Downtime
Workforce availability and machine downtime scheduling
Multiple Constraints on Tasks
Set multiple constrains, including process flow and delivery date of materials
Multi-objective Optimisation
Intelligent algorithms enabling efficient job shop scheduling based on several different factors
"Roll Forward" Functionality
Quickly reschedule tasks which have overrun from the previous day
Manual Manipulation of Jobs
Drag and drop jobs to manually reschedule work
Machine-specific and enterprise-wide reporting